In 2021, Outriders* will prepare 12 articles based on conversations with Belarusians who are constantly striving for freedom. We want these 12 articles to help build a picture of the events that have taken place since summer 2020, while showing different people and their stories. The series is the next installment of the joint venture Outriders and”Belarusian dominoYou can read more about the project Totag >>.

In the summer of 2021, the database of the Belarusian Ministry of the Interior was hacked. Since then, the Cyber ​​Partyzantów channel in Telegram has regularly published information that can be obtained from confidential sources, such as passport details of Lukashenka’s family members and relatives, and the data of OMON officers who participated in the crackdown. protestspositive data Results Coronavirus checks from the Ministry of Interior hospital, and tapes of conversations between high-ranking Ministry of Interior officers and other people. Also recently was the data of people who called the emergency number of the Belarusian militia 102 in August and September 2020 and who reported the presence of protesters. Using an anonymous chatbot, Outriders talked to Cyber ​​Partisans about their activities.

Julia Alekseeva: who are you?

We are cyber supporters. We form a small group of administrators and about 15 other volunteers. They are all IT professionals, we don’t have professional hackers, we’ve learned everything in the process. Three to four fighters basically hack networks and databases, and three to four more do it at the entry level. The rest create apps or websites as well as analyze and process data.

We are fighting the system Lukashenka In cyberspace and more. We have clearly described our goals and values ​​in “Suprac” [„Sprzeciw” –]Our Movement Statement:

Preserving independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity Biorosian;
– the overthrow of the Lukashenka regime;
– stability Belarus During the transition period, return to democracy and the rule of law.

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More can be found in the full text of our statement posted on our channel. In it, we also justify our right to rebel against the tyranny of Lukashenko.

Apart from us, supporters of the “Busły Laci” movement and the popular self-defense detachments, which protect the demonstrators, have subscribed, you can see the list of actions we have taken here.

When did you realize it was time to fight the system?

We were all shocked by the brutal behavior of the regime in August 2020, and decided, individually, that we could not remain indifferent. At the beginning of September 2020, the main group of administrators was created and since then we have been fighting the system, expanding the team and carrying out more and more cyber attacks.

Has any attempt been made to reveal your identity?

The system has specialists, but as far as we know they are not expert enough to expose us easily. We have several levels of trust and access, so the extent of damage a single mole can do is very limited. Let’s also not forget that we have obtained a lot of information and have already developed a methodology for detecting the “complainants”.

So are you safe?

Enough that we remain anonymous is an important line of defense for us. The regime doesn’t know where to find us or where the next attack will come from. We do not allow new people to access data and platforms that may cause us significant harm.

“The Poles caught us and beat us.” BBC report on the situation on the border with Belarus

What tapes shocked you the most? And what got the most response from people?

The most influential operation, judging by the number of views, was probably the hack of the Belarusian state television channels, BT and ONT, and the “ara” operation [tzn. „Upał” –].

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The largest response was due to data leakage from database 102 [numer alarmowy białoruskiej milicji –]. This information affected people on both sides of the conflict. those who denounced and those who fell victim to them. Posts on this Title Get the most views.

I just created an interactive map with the addresses of people who reported the militia protest. What lessons did you take from what you saw? Does their number still match the 3% of Lukashenka’s supporters?

This week, we exposed nearly 3,000. Denounces issued in August 2020 and some in September. They are only 0.03% of Belarusians. August was the most active month in this regard, but even if we counted all the remaining months, we would not get 3%.

The first conclusion that came to mind after listening to the tapes that you published is that representatives of the authorities deliberately crossed the border in relation to the Belarusians. Did you learn anything new about the people on the other side of the conflict? How would you describe them?

We understood the entire chain of command from above, from Lukashenka to the last flag. Everyone knew about her and understood what was happening. Someone was inactive, others became involved in the crime/crime.

Previously, any militia officer could tell family and friends that he did not know what was happening. That the beatings and torture were rumors or false information. Thanks to what we’ve revealed, they can’t claim it anymore.

Donald TuskThe mailbox must invent the wheel first. He won’t go away without him [ANALIZA]

How hard (or easy) is it to hack websites and break into government archives?

Cyber ​​security has been neglected in power structures. The MSW Network has been around for a long time, and it uses many outdated technologies with gaps. As a result, it appears that highly skilled IT workers no longer want to work for the system rz ± d It is seriously understaffed. Outsourcing is out of the question as it is difficult for outsiders to trust. There is a chance that we will find people there who are willing to cooperate with us. However, breaking into the Ministry of the Interior’s network was difficult.

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The people who are “on site” can help us a lot and bring victory closer. So far we’ve tried to do everything remotely, without the help of people in the field, but “Żara” is an excellent example of what can be done in collaboration with people, heroes and terrain. To access the Ministry of Interior network, our boys entered the system facility and built “bridges” in it, which opened us access to the Ministry of Interior network and allowed us to stay in it remotely. network, searching databases and servers that we were interested in. Networking got more and more difficult after Operation Heat was revealed, but that doesn’t stop us. We are still there.

In your opinion, the victory of Belarus is imminent?

We believe victory is just around the corner. We know no one will give us one on a tray, we have to fight for it. So we have prepared a plan that will be implemented in due course.

Julia Alekseeva, interview with Outriders

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