The Belarusian regime and Lukashenka are personally responsible for the safety and health of Raman Bratasevi ،, said Radoslaw Sikorsky, a member of the civilian platform of “Krupka Club Ay” on TVN24, referring to the arrest of the Belarusian opponent. Through this measure, he added, Lukashenka wanted to show the world that “force has long arms and can reach people anywhere.”

Belarusian activist Raman Bratasevich was arrested Sunday at Minsk airport after the emergency landing of a Ryanair plane.

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Sikorsky: Lukashenka wants to show that the authorities have long arms

In “Kropka nad i” on TVN24, a member of the European Parliament was asked about the civilian platform and, in the past, the head of Polish diplomacy, Radoslaw Sikorski, what Lukashenka wanted to show the world with his arrest Pratasevi.

– What has Putin done by killing his opponents in Great Britain or Germany or Dubai – that force has long arms and can reach people anywhere – he answered.

He also wanted to paralyze Telegram’s Next Channel, because it is a network that organizes, monitors and, to some extent, coordinates protests, Sikorsky says. He added that he “probably wants to torture those who collaborate with the opposition from within the regime.”

In his opinion, “the Belarusian regime and Lukashenka are personally responsible for the safety and health of Mr. Pratasevich, because they kidnapped him.”

“You will touch Lukashenka personally.”

The former head of Polish diplomacy also spoke of the ways in which the Alyaksandr Lukashenka regime could be forced to alter its operation. He noted that cooperation with the United States is very important here.

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The United States has a unique view of banking systems around the world. It would be necessary to track down Lukashenka’s money stolen from Belarusian society, possibly managed by members of his immediate surroundings and family. He said that this would affect Lukashenka personally.

We have already imposed sanctions on Lukashenka (Editor in the European Union). Now these sanctions should be expanded to include all those who may be connected to this case and all examples of political persecution in Belarus, and this should be a list much larger than a dozen names so far – he said, referring to Sanctions imposed in November 2020.

Sikorsky: One will have to track down Lukashenka’s money stolen from Belarusian societyTVN24

Sikorsky: You have to coexist with the Czechs until the wolf and sheep are full

The guest of “Kropka nad i” also referred to the decision of the European Union Court of Justice regarding the Turów mine. On Friday, Poland ordered the immediate suspension of lignite extraction in the open mine until a substantive decision is made. This decision relates to a complaint from the Czech Republic that the Turów mine has a negative impact on border areas as the groundwater level has decreased.

– The Czech Republic has a problem with this investment on the very borders, it was necessary to take Czech Muslims seriously, not to ignore the European Union, not to ignore the good neighborliness, the Czech Republic, and not to care about the issue when the Czechs won in court – Sikorsky said. In his view, the position of the Polish side is “flimsy.”

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– You have to get along with the Czechs (…) for the wolf to be full and the sheep to be complete – said MEP.

The situation regarding the mine was discussed in Toro on Monday ahead of the European Council summit The Prime Ministers of Poland and the Czech Republic, Matthews Murawiecki and Andrei Babes.

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