Sooner or later, Moscow will have to change its attitude towards the government in Minsk, say Belarusian experts, commenting on the results of an alleged poll conducted by independent media. According to research by the pro-government Russian studio WCIOM, his compatriots do not like Alyaksandr Lukashenka. They had to give better ratings to opposition leaders, including Swiatłana Cichanouska, who was in exile.

– Sooner or later, Russia will have to change its attitude (towards the government in Minsk). Siarehi Shali, an analyst in Minsk, said in an interview with the European Radio of Belarus that (the Kremlin) recognizes the status quo and the scenario of dual power, which Alexander Lukashenko is constantly afraid of, and which he believes may arise.

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The political expert commented on the results of an alleged poll conducted by independent Belarusian media. It was to be performed in Belarus by the well-known pro-government Russian studio WCIOM. The center did not confirm that such a poll was created, but the statements of its head, Valery Fedorov, do not clearly indicate that the media is republishing false information.

The results of an alleged poll on the website of the European Radio of Belarus

Merkel “in front of” Lukashenka

The so-called poll shows that President Lukashenka has the support of only 30 percent of his citizens. Opposition activists received more positive reviews – Maria Kalisenkova (50%), Viktor Babarika (48%) and Svetlana Sichanowska, who was in exile, a former presidential candidate and rival of Lukashenka (46%), was sentenced to prison.

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Even former German Chancellor Angela Merkel got a better result in the poll, 54% declared a favorable attitude towards her, and 40% towards Vladimir Putin. The survey shows that the majority of respondents support the removal of Lukashenka from power (59%), the start of talks between the authorities and the opposition (65%), decisive economic reforms (76%), the emergence of new political parties (66%) (52%) the Russian authorities speak with the opposition Belarusian.

56 percent of those surveyed want closer integration with Russia “in the humanitarian field”, but only 25 percent. – Links with it within one country (66% against it).

If you believe the poll is correct, in contrast to the current political line promoted by the authorities and state media, Ukraine (58 percent), Poland (on a par with Russia – 54 percent each) and the European Union are the most popular among countries and organizations (53%) and Lithuania (52%).

Alexander Lukashenka and Vladimir Putin. Meeting in the Kremlin. archive photo

The element of “political trade”

The survey was to be carried out by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and, according to Belarusian experts, may be an “element of political trade” related to the November 4 signing of Belarus-Russia integration programs.

Commenting on the opposition newspaper “Nasha Niva”, expert Alexander Maruzzo noted that similar malignancies had already occurred before the meetings of the Minsk and Moscow leaders. According to him, the publication of the poll, which was unfavorable for Lukashenka, was that Belarusian state television responded by criticizing other world leaders that, in the face of the epidemic, they “hid from society in a basement.” Names are not mentioned. The Russian section of Radio Soboda noted that statements by Russian opponents about President Vladimir Putin refer to the “basement” often.

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Syarhi Chai noted that Moscow’s Echo Radio would soon conduct an extensive interview with Sichanowska, stressing that a year ago such an event was not possible. – As for the alleged poll, on the basis of its results, it is almost clear what may be planning to change policy towards Lukashenka, Belarus and the Belarusian opposition in the Kremlin – added the political expert., Swoboda Radio, PAP

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