We get to know the finalists for the four women’s tournament and the teams that will play in the bronze medal match. After exciting matches, the British and Japanese ladies will compete for the gold medal. The Swiss and Swedes are left to compete for third place.

Sweden – United Kingdom 11:12.

It was definitely one of the best, if not the best, competitions of these Olympics. From the start, both of them were on the offensive. The Swedes opened the match by scoring four points, and later the British scored three. The next part of the game was quieter, but it was just silence before the storm – after five endings it was 5:5. The sixth and seventh endings are two points once for the other end, so the status quo was maintained. In the next match, the British forced the Swedish team to take one point. The real “Armageddon” begins at the ninth end. For most games, the game was played in the middle of the house, or even on a button. British women dominated, although the Swedes did their best to prevent Great Britain from taking over the party. Some errors on the part of the representatives of the State of the Three Crowns, together with the excellent plays made by Yves Muirhead, awarded the British not two or three points but rather four points. So the Swedes had to strain to make up for the losses. Indeed, there was no indication that they would succeed, until the previously praised Muirhead didn’t play as she wanted it to. This was used by Anna Haselburg, who escaped with an ax and led to a tie. However, the extra ending was again dictated by Great Britain, which scored a point and advanced to the Grand Final of the Olympic tournament.

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Japan-Switzerland 8:6

This meeting was much calmer than the above-mentioned Swedes and British. It started casually, with a batch reset. The next three ended with a point for the final team. The first attack took place at the Fifth Party. The Japanese women practically came out of the Swiss curling by scoring as many as four points, and after the break they added another point from the sixth finish that dominated them. At this point it was 6-2 for the Japanese, and they seemed to be starting to play under complete Asian control. However, the team from Europe was able to respond with an effective game, which gave them three eyes and allowed them to connect with their seasoned rivals. The next two games were quieter, and each of the four won a point from their last move. So everything was decided by the last end that the Japanese started with the one point advantage and the advantage of getting the last play. The Swiss were trying their best to equalize, but the representatives of Cherry Blossom Country didn’t give up, with four matches before the end (two on each side) the entire house was cleaned and there was no stone in it. In the last match, the Japanese women had to play endlessly with the Swiss stone and they succeeded. The phenomenal success of Japanese curling in reaching the final became a reality.