The fifth women’s curling tournament concluded on February 12 with competition at the National Aquatics Center. Great Britain won a certain victory. In the remaining matches that day, the match was exceptionally even and until the last round each team was able to tip the scales in their favour.

British representatives dominated their meeting with the United States from the start. After the first two ends, they were leading 4-0 and could easily control the course of the duel. The Americans tried to catch up, but managed to get a maximum of two points after the eighth finish. But in the next match, the British won by three stones and their opponents from the United States decided to give up the meet at 10:5.

The table leader Switzerland could not find an effective way to win the match against Denmark for a long time. In the first half of the match, two parties ended without a point, and the one that succeeded ended with the victory of one eye. After six finishes, with a score of 3:1 for the Helvetians, Denmark scored 3 points, which the 2002 and 2006 silver medalists won with a 3-stone win in match eight. In the penultimate finish, Denki added one stone and was losing 5:6 before the decisive round. The Swiss showed in the last match that it was no coincidence that he topped the group stage and that by winning two stones he ended the match with a score of 8: 5.

In the next duel, the representative of the last place of the Russian Olympic Committee tried to win the first victory in Beijing over Japan. The Russians won first and then third and fourth and were already ahead in the ratio of 4:1. When it seemed that they could win this duel, the Japanese dominated the latter part of the match. The Land of the Rising Sun representatives won three more finishes and were up 7:5 before the last showdown. In the last round, the players of Asia did not leave any illusions to the Russian players, winning three stones, beating their rivals 10: 5. Although the final score was high, the course of the match was more balanced and the Japanese women won only at the last stage of the match .

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The last match of the day was a skirmish between the Swedes and the Chinese representatives. The tournament hosts started the match better and were leading 6:2 in the middle of the match. The Scandinavians got up in sixth place, winning two points and adding two more at the end. After 7 rounds, the Chinese women squandered the lead and the match was even. In the seventh and eighth ends, the players of the Middle Kingdom scored a total of three points. At 6:9, the Swedes didn’t get into the fight in the final round and gave up on the match.


Russian Olympic Committee – Japan 5:10

Denmark – Switzerland 5:8

Great Britain – USA 10:5

Sweden – China 6:9