The European Parliament’s Development Committee (DEVE) met on Tuesday. At the meeting, apart from issues related to development, issues of helping the poorest were discussed. MEP Beata Kempa, Development Committee Coordinator on behalf of ECR, spoke about the details on TV Trwam.

As European conservatives and reformers, we note that there is still much to be done in matters relating to aid, especially for the poor. The European Union is the largest donor, but there is still a problem of reaching the poorest people. The interlocutor said that there were many places where no one had reached – except for the missionaries from Poland.

The politician also referred to the problem of poverty in the world, which is increasing year by year. Beata Kemba emphasized that we waste a lot of food when millions of hungry children live in third world countries. It has often been pointed out that the Catholic Church is well organized. Clergy are good partners for cooperation in countries where it is impossible to reach with help without their support – sum up that interviewee.

– There are many initiatives that are called humanitarian or developmental, but in reality they are directed against life. That is why you need to pay attention to it and show inconsistencies in the documents, because the ideology says that they are contradictory – Beata Kimwa indicated.

How do we act in the circumstances of the migration crisis?

The European Parliament’s Development Committee also addressed the issue of migration. Measures were considered to distinguish between refugees and migrants on economic grounds.

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– We can see that we are dealing with a violation of Poland’s borders, but also of the borders of the European Union. Member states are beginning to learn from this situation. We hear voices from Sweden that they can no longer handle this situation. It is similar in Spain, Greece and Italy – explained the guest of the “Voice from Brussels” program.

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