“Science has won the weather this year,” said the organizers of the 17th Lublin Science Festival, summarizing the frequently visited event by participants, as well as during performances and webcasts.

look at the pictures: “Symphony of Science” performance at the opening of the 17th Lublin Science Festival

There have been more than 1,300 projects, and meetings with the greats of the world of science, including. Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry with Robert Huber.

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During the ceremony, a statue of the Lublin Science Festival was handed over to the organizer of the next session – the University of Life Sciences in Lublin. – In the future, the idea of ​​u200bu200bthe festival will be changed, announced the President of UMCS, Prof. Radoslav Dobroolsky. – The goal is not to transfer this leadership each year, but to create a festival office under the auspices of the Lublin City Council and delegate the university coordinators there. Thanks to this, we will not have to build new ideas for subsequent versions every year, but will have to take the technical program to the next level.

See the photos: the tracked mermaid and the tank trainer. Unusual cars at the 17th Lublin Science Festival

During the ceremony, science promoters from 5 public universities of Lublin were distinguished: Immunologist from Professor Maria Curie-Skodowska University. Agnieszka Szuster-Ciesielska, Prof. Agnieszka Monika Wójtowicz of the University of Life Sciences in Lublin, Professor of Literature Promoter. Lech Giemza of the Catholic University of Lublin, participated in the social projects of the professor. Ewa Pulisak of Lublin Medical University and Dr. Eno. Małgorzata Ciosmak from Lublin University of Technology.

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look at the pictures: Science Excursion in Lublin

During the ceremony, the authors of the multimedia show “Symphony of Science” were honored. The UMCS Choir participated in the project and sang the text from Isaac Newton’s book “Mathematical Principles of the Philosophy of Nature” from 1687. In 2022, it will be shown during the fountain show at Litewski Square in Lublin.

look at the pictures: 17th Lublin Science Festival: Opening of “Lublin Science Street”

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