Nintendo Direct’s latest show I brought good news for the fans Samos AranBut what is remarkable is the absence of another heroine from the production?? Wielki N??. Bayonetta She did not appear again on the Nintendo show despite the advertisement third batch Almost four years have passed since the adventures of a rebellious witch. Just now, the game has been mentioned by Bill Trinen, mainly known as Shigeru Miyamoto translator and one of the leaders of the American division of Nintendo Treehouse (and also Senior Product Marketing Director of Nintendo of America). At the end of the interview with GameSpot service mentioned that Bayonetta 3 It still exists?? The workflow of the game is smooth.

Unfortunately, this short mention is pretty much everything Trinen had to say about the title. It is also impossible to guess exactly what this means. Maybe PlatinumGames is slowly finishing up the game or is it ready to show off something? specific of your new project. Hopes for this are fueled first by the words of Bill Trinen. True, he emphasized that the company prefers to present its products only when they and the teams you are creating are ready to showcase it, which is not optimistic. However, he immediately added:

We didn’t have [Bayonetty 3 – przyp. autora] Here at E3 2021, but stay tuned.

It’s still a very general statement and can’t even be considered a vague hint. However, there will likely be fans معجب BayoniteWho, out of sheer desperation, read Trinen’s words as an omen? ?? So ?? View the third installment of the series. In the end, the drowning man grabs the blades and players Repeatedly They attended, Act what or what I can Leadership Many years without official information on the following parts of the beloved cycle.