Bayern Munich meet Sevilla for European supremacy in the European Super Cup. Hanse Flick’s squad looks as dominant as ever with the addition of Leroy Sani, despite Thiago Alcantara’s departure.

While the Spaniards hope to prove their affiliation to the first division in European football after they reaped glory again in the European League last season.

The Bavarians will aim to defend the Champions League title, and the victory in Budapest at the Puskas Arena will reveal the chances of it. Stay tuned for live updates, analysis and reaction.


Bayern players gather to celebrate. Sevilla made the hard work of the Bundesliga champions but Bayern claimed their fourth title in 2020.

Michael JonesSeptember 24, 2020 22:33


120 +1 min: Bayern Munich did it! They cling to claim victory. It’s only the second time Bayern have won the Super Cup, but Hansie Flick’s men continue their careers. They have won their last 23 matches and are unbeaten in 32 games dating back to last December.

Michael JonesSeptember 24, 2020 22:32


117 minutes: Gnabry made a foul of Navas, but Sevilla’s free kick was deep in his half of the court. Bono sends her long and Martinez wins the defensive head.


114 minutes: Lewandowski lets fly from the edge of the box. He’s staring at the center of the goal and putting his foot on the shot. The ball continues to rise and passes.

Michael JonesSeptember 24, 2020 22:26


111 minutes: Davis wins a corner for Bayern Munich. Kimmich takes his time heading to take it. His cross struck away from Bono. Time is running out for Seville.

Michael JonesSeptember 24, 2020 22:22


108 minutes: Ocampos hits the ball on the far side of the box. Escudero hits a cross in the hemisphere and unleashes his shot into the side net. Quick start to Seville.

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The second half of extra time: The short break ended with Seville returning to the match. Can they get their way into penalties?

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105 + 1 min: The first half of extra time ends with Bayern Munich at the top. Only 15 minutes left for Sevilla to save the match and take a penalty shootout!

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Bayern 2-1 Sevilla – Martinez

104 minutes: Goal! Bayern corner swinging inside the penalty area. The ball is headed to Alaba, who is training the goalkeeper. Bono sends the ball into the middle of the box and Martinez wins the header and sends it hard into the far corner.

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