Bawick Memorial Days – We encourage you to participate!


From 6 to 9 October this year. The Independence Museum in Warsaw organizes the Bowick memorial days. The event will be accompanied by lectures, historical and artistic programmes, and film screenings. It will also be possible to visit the Bowwick Prison Museum. The climax of the festivities will be a concert on the centenary of the birth of Krzysztof Kamil Baczinski.

Historical and educational performances in the Middle East Arena

As part of the Pawiak Memorial Days, in the courtyard of the Ministry of Education and Science in Al. Szucha 25, a series of three historical and educational shows, will be staged. The event was organized in cooperation with experts from the Warsaw History Lovers Association 1939-1945.

The reconstruction presents the history of the occupation of the German police district and the history of the torture chamber in the Gestapo in Al. Szucha 25. During the show, you will be able to see the original props: uniforms, motorbikes, military vehicles, and guard booths.

Presentations are scheduled in the courtyard of the MEiN building Thursday 7 October (10:00, 11:00 and 12:00).

bawick memorial days

During this year’s Pawak Memorial Days, you will be able to participate in, among other things, lectures, film screenings, lectures and historical and art programmes. Due to the situation related to the Coronavirus, a maximum of 25 people will be able to participate in the events. Organizers require early reservations by phone (tel. 89-92-22831 – Bowek Prison Museum Office).

A detailed program of the event can be found on the page.

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We invite you to participate in Pawak Memorial Days!