Polish tennis players competed in the ITF World Tennis Tour for another week. Bauch Chiac showed a good performance in Croatia. He also played for Piao Zeroni in Spain, Tunisia and India.

Rafai Smolensky

Paweł Ciaś

Press materials / Andrzej Szkocki / Pekao Szczecin Open / Pictured: Paweł Ciaś

This week Paweł Ciaś moved to Opatija. In the singles, as the eighth seed, he won two matches and only in the quarter-finals turned out to be better than the highest-ranked Frenchman Kirian Jacquet. In the doubles, Pole started with fellow Hungarian Falkosz and they were one step closer to the final. However, top-seeded Italian Riccardo Bonadio and Czech Michael Vrbinsky (6:4, 5:7, 12-10) fared better in the semi-finals.

Shows continued in India this week by Maks Kaśnikowski and Yann Wójcik. This time they both played in New Delhi, where they each won a singles and doubles match. In the singles, they had to recognize the superiority of the representatives of the hosts in the second round.

A group of Poles headed to the Tunisian monastery. This group included the former junior captain, Canadian Philippe Belleau, playing under the white and red flag. Unfortunately, none of the tennis players won the match in the main category. With the exception of Peleu, Olaf Bychkowski, Mishaw Mikucha, Alexander Orlikowski and Michai Dembek suffered losses in the first round, and Jasza Zagrich did not make it through these qualifying rounds.

Rozalia Gruszczyńska and Aleksandra Jeleń played again in the Spanish city of Palmanowa. Both Polish women did not succeed in individual elimination. Biao-Czerwone joined the doubles tournament together, where they finished their performance in the quarter-finals.

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From Monday to Saturday, March 21-26
ITF Championship results and programme:


Palmanova (Spain) $15,000, clay courts

Quarter-final doubled:

Angelica Moratelli (Italy, 1) / Aurora Zantedeski (Italy, 1) – Rosalia Groszeska (Poland) / Aleksandra Jelic (Poland) 6-3, 6-2

First round of doubles:

Rozalia Gruszczyńska (Poland) / Aleksandra Jeleń (Poland) – Tilde Jagare (Sweden) / Ida Johansson (Sweden) 7:5, 6:1


Opatija (Croatia) $25,000, clay courts

Quarter-finals singles:

Kyrian Jacquet (France, 3) bp Pawe Ciaś (Poland, 8) 6-2 4 6 6 1

Second round of singles:

Baojic Ciach (Poland, 8) – Andrés Gabriel Corletti (Italy, Q) 2-1, retired.

First round of singles:

Bowiec Ciac (Poland, 8) over Federico Marchetti (Italy, Q) 7-5, 6-3.

Double the semi-finals:

Ricardo Bonadio (Italy, 1) / Michael Vrbinski (Czech Republic, 1) – Bauwe Chiach (Poland) / Mate Valkos (Hungary) 6:4, 5:7, 12-10

Quarter-final doubled:

Bawik Chiach (Poland) / Mate Falkos (Hungary) – Makar Kryushikov / Pedro Ortega (Brazil) 6:2, 6:4

First round of doubles:

Bausch Ciac (Poland) / Matej Valkos (Hungary) – Vito Horvat (Croatia) / Denny Zamak (Croatia) 6:1, 6:4

New Delhi (India) 15,000 dollars, hard court

Second round of singles:

Digvijay Pratap Singh (India) – Maks Kaśnikowski (Poland) 4:6, 7:6 (4), 6:1
SD Prajwal Dev (India) – Yann Wójcik (Poland) 6:1, 3:6, 7:5

First round of singles:

Max Kanikowski (Poland) beat Konstantin Bethune Kuzmin (France, 8) 6-4, 6-2.
Jan Wojic (Poland) By Akram El-Salali (Egypt) 6-2 6 7 (4) 7 6 6 (4)

Quarter-final doubled:

Anirudh Chandrasekar (India, 1) / Vishnu Vardhan (India, 1) – Max Kanekowski (Poland) / Jan Wojic (Poland) 3:6, 6:4, 13-11

First round of doubles:

Maks Kaśnikowski (Poland) / Yann Wójcik (Poland) – Paras Dahiya (India) / Dev Javia (India) 6:2, 6:3

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Monastir (Tunisia) 15,000 dollars, hard court

First round of singles:

Mike Steiner (Germany, S) beat Filip Biliu (Poland, 2) 6-2, 6-0
Alexander Donsky (Bulgaria, 6) vs. Olaf Pichkowski (Poland) 5:7, 6:2, 6:3
Marc Lagal (Estonia) v Michal Mikucha (Poland) 6-3, 3-6, 7-6 (3)
Terence Atmann (France, 8) – Alexander Orlikowski (Poland) 6:3, 7:5
Wissam Abderrahman (Tunisia) – Michel Dembek (Poland) 6-2 6-1

Quarter-final doubled:

Tomohiro Masabayashi (Japan, WC) / Rin Nakamura (Japan, WC) – Michao Mikucha (Poland, 2) / Aziz Waka (Tunisia, 2) 3:6, 6:4, 10-5

First round of doubles:

Michel Mikocha (Poland, 2) / Aziz Waka (Tunisia, 2) – Omni Kumar (USA) / Oscar Whitman (UK) 6:7 ​​(4), 6:4, 14-12

Aziz Dugaz (Tunisia) / Alex Knaf (Luxembourg) v Michel Dembek (Poland, 1) / Alexander Donsky (Bulgaria, 1) 7-6 (2), 6-4

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