April 21, 2021 at 12:05

Electronic Arts’ current practice suggests that the latest installment of the Battlefield series will be announced just before the financial report is published ?? May 10 or 11.


  1. Advertising ?? Battlefield 6 This could be before or after the publication of EA’s new financial report on May 11th;
  2. Leaker Tom Henderson denied a rumor on the Reddit forum and revealed some new information (including cosmetic items).

Everything indicates that soon we will see the announcement of the new installment of the shooting series battlefield (Across TweakTown). This will likely happen shortly before or right after it is published Electronic Arts’ next quarterly financial report, scheduled for May 11.

This agrees with Previous reports And the company policy yet ?? In the last years Battlefield Always advertised a few days / weeks ago (this was the case in Battlefield 4 I Battlefield 1A few weeks later (casus Battlefield VThe publication of a report for the fourth quarter of the previous fiscal year.

There’s also a new leak about the production in question, its source again leaked Tom Henderson (author Reports several days ago). Repeat some things for Mentioned it before ?? According to him, the game will tell about a fictional conflict between the United States and Russia. Will we play the role of soldiers of the defeated / fallen countries ?? (Fallen states) who They will be able to perform the tasks for both forces. This conflicts with recent news from the Reddit forumWhich indicated that certain nationalities will be allocated to a specific faction.

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Tom Henderson also writes about cosmetics that ?? Because of the nature of the place in which the work takes place ?? It could be a little “crazy.” There is also a robot dog featured in the game, with a customizable appearance.

We remind you of that Battlefield 6 It is making its debut during the Christmas season this year. The target platforms are unknown, but PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X / S devices appear to be confirmed.

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