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November 3, 2021, 22:24

Gameplay, classes, specials, and maps are just some of the elements that can be freely modified in Battlefield Portal.


  1. EA DICE has discussed the details of the Battlefield Portal social platform;
  2. The creators provided the process of creating your own creations, from choosing the mode and map, through customizing the gameplay, interface and equipment, to an advanced rule editor.

EA DICE has not only introduced the new in-game mode Battlefield 2042. employment Production official website Provides information about the portal.

Something about this type of game (or rather the social platform) We found out Still in July. To remember: Battlefield Portal is a kind of breeding for fans of the series, which will allow them to modify the gameplay almost freely. This will allow you to mix items from many views, but this brief description does not represent the complete freedom that it will give players in this new way.

A wealth of options on the Battlefield Portal;  Special

Classes or specialists? At BF Portal, we’ll check them all out.

The new entry describes several options provided by the portal that will be made available by the browser. You don’t even need your own copy Battlefield 2042 All you need to create your days is an active EA account and any device connected to the internet. We can choose from 33 maps: 13 small, medium and 7 large (the latter will only be available on PC and 9th generation platforms).

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However, we will first have to choose one of the five game modes (each with its own modifiers). It should be noted that none of these options will affect the maximum number of players – all maps and modes will allow a group of up to 128 people (on PS5, XSX/S and PC; on older consoles, the limit is 64 players).

Mabe May:

  1. Wreck site: recycling yard
  2. Klepsydra: Park Al Salam
  3. rammer: platform
  4. Kaleidoscope: database
  5. Statement: Caju . Operations
  6. Cosmodrome: Crawlerway
  7. Renew: fields
  8. Attack in the Ardennes: St. Faith
  9. Arica Port: Town
  10. Valparaiso: Usca
  11. El Alamein: Airport hub
  12. Kanai Nevsehir: Where do the containers come from?
  13. Kaspijska Granica: gas station

Average maps:

  1. debris
  2. sand clock
  3. baler
  4. kaleidoscope
  5. Appears
  6. cosmodrome
  7. all over again
  8. Attack in the Ardennes
  9. Port Arica
  10. Valparaiso
  11. El Alamein
  12. Kanai Noshahr
  13. Caspian Sea border

Entitlement Maps (on PC, PS5, and XSX/S only):

  1. debris
  2. sand clock
  3. baler
  4. kaleidoscope
  5. Appears
  6. cosmodrome
  7. all over again

Battlefield is old, new and completely different

I’d rather not complain than enjoy the gameplay settings. Players will be able to disable or adjust various items, including regenerating health and rescuing fallen comrades, friendly fire, with the help of aiming, placement of fixed vehicles and weapons, damage etc. Same goes for the interface (mini-map, compass, etc), botw and new classes or specialists.

A wealth of options on the Battlefield Portal;  Special

Battlefield Portal will give players a great deal of freedom.

The last essential element is constraints, or era battlefield Available on the map. These may change when you rotate the squares. If we choose, for example, sites from different periods, but we want to stay in line with historical facts, we can leave the default settings. However, nothing prevents him from allowing the use of futuristic weapons in the Battle of El Alamein.

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Interestingly enough, we won’t be limited to one era. The portal will allow you to mix freely available weapons (we will have 75 at your disposal) for each team. The same goes for upgrades, vehicles, and gadgets. So if you dream of defending WWII veterans against invaders in the future, go ahead.

Battlefield Portal for Aspirants

But this is not the end. The developers have also prepared the rules editor, which will give access to a huge database of scripts that modify the game to the smallest detail. More ambitious players will be able to use the vision from a simple adjustment as a basis for further changes.

If we don’t want to play with the simplest options, EA DICE will bring you Battlefield Portal ready experiences. They will be constantly updated and changed as part of the rotation, keeping players busy. In addition, users will be able to share their work using experience codes that allow these mods to be unlocked in the game.

Of course, you will still need your own copy to play Battlefield 2042. The game will launch on November 19 on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5. All of these platforms offer full versions in Polish (translation and dubbing).

  1. Battlefield 2042 official website
  2. Battlefield 2042 is the return of the good old BF!