The death of Barry Austin occurred on January 1, 2021, but only now the public knows about & nbsptragedy. The sad news was provided by Danny Nina Louise, his partner’s daughter. I did it via social media.

Broken Heart – & nbsp; is the only term that describes how I feel right now. Rest in peace the wonderful man in my life, my father – Barry “Grizzly” Austin. (…) I’ve been the dad who always supports me no matter what – Danny Nina Louise wrote on Facebook.

Barry Austin Matt. He was the fattest man in Britain. He was 52 years old

Barry Austin lived in Chelmsley Wood in England’s Midwest. The Briton’s peak weight was 320 kg, he consumed about 29,000 calories per day and drank 12 liters of soft drink. As a result, he was considered the fattest man in Great Britain.

Because of his weight, Austin would invite you to breakfast shows as commentator on obesity discussions. About his life, Richard Hammond’s documentary “Inside Britain Is Fattest Man” was produced. He also starred in the ITV drama The Fattest Man in Britain.


Barry Austin went on a diet in 2012 as he was preparing to marry Debbie Kirby’s fiancée at the time. However, despite the massive weight loss, the Brit still had serious health problems, including bunions in the legs. In recent years, he has also complained of frequent infections and difficulty breathing. However, the official cause of death of the 52-year-old has not been confirmed.

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