According to officials, the fire started on Monday in one of 34 campsites located in the Cox’s Bazar area covering approximately 3,237 hectares. Then it spread to two other centers. According to The Guardian, as many as 50,000 have been forced to flee. Persons. This is the third fire to have broken out there in the past four days.

Bangladesh. A huge fire broke out in the refugee camp. 7.5 thousand Rohingya lost their roof over their heads

Videos posted on social media show thick plumes of smoke and the burning shacks. Hundreds of firefighters and volunteers fight the flames. However, a fire that is extinguished in one place appears in other places. According to preliminary estimates, approximately 7.5,000 people have lost a roof over their heads. The cause of the fires is unknown.

“We discovered seven people were killed, including two children, a woman and four adults,” local firefighting commander Shahad Hussain told AFP.

UN officials said on Tuesday that the fire had killed 15 people and left 400 missing.

Some witnesses say that some of the victims, including children, were unable to leave the burning camp earlier because it was surrounded by a barbed wire fence. International humanitarian agencies – including Refugee International – have already called for its demolition.

Ghazi Salahuddin is an inspector the policeHe said the fire was initially small and confined to a narrow strip of land. However, it soon grew and moved to other camps, including. From exploding cooking gas cylinders.

In January, two fires destroyed several refugee homes and four Schools Run by UNICEF. South Asian Amnesty activist Saad Hammadi tweeted that the causes of such past incidents are not yet clear.

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There are approximately one million representatives of the Muslim minority from neighboring Myanmar in camps in the Cox’s Bazar region. Many ended up in the camp, fleeing their homeland in 2017 to escape repression and ethnic cleansing by the Burmese. army.

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Rz ± d Bangladeshis are urging refugees to move to a remote island in the Bay of Bengal, saying the camps are too crowded. Critics of the government’s actions note that this island is in the path of deadly hurricanes. So far, 13,000 Rohingya live there.