Baldur Portal III will receive a fourth update entitled “The Force of Nature”, which will address several changes and fixes. During the broadcast, the studio confirmed this The latest patch brings more improvements than the previous three patches combined.

The greatest modernity is without a doubt the priest class – Players will use more than 30 spells, including transforming into a wild character. The studio has also taken care of brand new dialogues and issues, thanks to which playing as a priest will provide the same deep narrative immersion as in other classes and character races (human, dwarf, half dwarf, half-flaming, dwarf, demon, remorse, etc.).

“By harnessing the power of the wilderness, priests can change their form to better adapt to different situations. You can crush bones and charge your enemies as a terrible wolf or polar bear. As a spider, you will weave your web around the area. In the form of a crow, you can fly high over Faerûn. You will allow You get the cat character to reach the enemy camp unnoticed.As a badger, you will dig underground and surprise your opponents.You can also use the tadpole inflicted by your mind invaders to discover a new and mysterious unusual character.

Currently there are 8 characters available: deep-sea mustard, cat, crow, terrible wolf, badger, spider, polar bear and an extraordinary character. The non-playable characters will interact with your animal character in a procedural way. Is there a bear on your way? Take the shape of a bear and talk to him in his talk! “

Baldur Gate 3 - Priest - 2

The studio is not shy about the assumptions of the D&D system and the priest will be able to belong to one of two circles that will greatly influence the gameplay:

  • Earth circle The Druids of the Earth Circle are the keepers of the ancient faith, and their domain is the arctic wasteland, sunny beaches, scorched deserts, dense forests, green meadows, high mountains, treacherous swamps, and even the vast land of darkness. . Druids gain this circuit extra power depending on the terrain they connect with.
  • Moon circle “Changed as the moon itself, the priest in this circle are the nature keepers who roam the wildest wilderness.” Transformation is not a problem for most druids, but those who follow the path of the Moon gain the ability to face more warlike wild characters like the polar bear.
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The creators are well aware that they are dealing with a huge IP address, so they decided to open a new studio. Currently, Larian has subsidiaries in Belgium, Ireland, Russia and Canada, and today it has officially announced expansion in England and Malaysia, and has opened branches in Guilford and Kuala Lumpur. The developers want to make sure they are up to the task and will be able to provide unique titles.

Update 4: The Power of Nature brings players a number of fixes and changes to the game, including, of course, bug fixes, but also several improvements that will significantly increase the quality of the game. The content creators also decided to highlight changes that were made at the request of the community or in response to comments:

  • Optional weighted ankle: This optional change provides a more balanced cast. It maintains the most important elements of the random number generator, while eliminating situations where the player either has very bad luck or great luck in several consecutive rounds. The system also works in two ways. Dialogue menus differ from combat menus, in that the change is only d20 rolls. Damage rolls remain unchanged.
  • Talking to the dead and complicated stories: Scenes cut in special cases, for example during a conversation with the dead, have been greatly improved. The ability to join the conversation in animal form has also been added. The update also introduces improved animations for Grove’s priests when casting and using themes. There have also been major changes in animation and lighting, which now look really good. For now you have to imagine it, but you will soon see it.
  • Multiplayer game: Those who are on an adventure with friends can now view inventory, spells, equipment, and character cards of other players. They can also exchange items. The stock lock feature will be available in the future. Right now, your comrades could theoretically steal you, because you can’t lock your gear, but they won’t. Because you are friends, right?
  • Game Quality: Made a number of changes that players requested many times over. You can now choose a mate or opponent to donate equipment or cast a spell by clicking on their picture. Instead of choosing a character in the game, you can now easily spot and attack any creature from the user interface. We’ve also added an escape button for those who … prefer a tactical retreat maneuver. Using the flashlight is now easier than ever with the right button!
  • Duplicate scenes: Scenes are refined with improved lighting. As a result, the story is told in Baldur’s Gate 3 with truly amazing movie sequences.
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