April 21, 2022, 20:40

Larian has done a lot to make Baldur’s Gate 3 the best early access game possible – and there are more plans planned. The developer summarized his work so far in a funny video posted on the occasion of the D&D Direct event.

Eighteen months and two weeks – that’s exactly how long it’s been since release Baldur Gate 3 In Early Access for PC. For the full version of the well-known new game including. With Divinity: Original Sin 1 And 2 Larian Studies You will have to wait By 2023. However, the developer is constantly developing its production.

The work on it so far has been summarized in a funny video – But from the perspective of those who are waiting for the right premiere BG3 A fan, probably very outspoken – which was made with today’s event in mind Direct D&D (Dungeons and Dragons Live).

The video indicates that the coming months will bring more content to it Baldur Gate III; The developer also confirmed the release date. And that’s it for now – it’s left to us Wait until next year Or get the game now. It is available on steam and on platform.