Rumors have been mounting about Lewis Hamilton’s future in Formula 1. According to some experts, the Mercedes driver may end his career due to the poor level of the Brackley team. Toto Wolff doubts this.

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Lewis Hamilton

Press material / Mercedes / Pictured: Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is the most successful driver in Formula One history, and has seven world titles to his credit, just like Michael Schumacher. However, the Briton is ahead of the German in terms of winning races or winning first places. However, Mercedes’ poor form in the 2022 season makes it difficult for the 37-year-old to exaggerate these stats.

This year Hamilton has not finished first, he has won only one podium – under lucky circumstances in the Bahrain Grand Prix. That is why some experts hosted at the F1 circuit are beginning to question whether the Mercedes driver will prematurely decide to say “enough” and cede the queen of motorsport.

Hamilton’s current deal with Mercedes expires at the end of the 2023 season. Is there a risk that the Briton will not fulfill it? – No – Toto Wolff soon replied, when asked by the PA News Agency about the future of the seven-time F1 world champion.

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He can only leave when he loses the pleasure of doing what he is doing now. However, he loves to race. Fernando Alonso said recently that he wants to continue his career for another three years. Nowadays, athletes take care of themselves much more than before. We know more about health, dietetics and medicine. Louis is in good shape. He leads a very disciplined lifestyle. He has many years ahead in Formula One – the Mercedes coach added.

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The Austrian did not even rule out that Hamilton would extend his contract with Mercedes and represent the German team beyond the end of the 2023 season. – In Great Britain, the term “couple” means two, but in Austria, where I come from, this word translates to “several”. I think Lewis has a few more years, he said.

– Isn’t that a big challenge for him? He was at McLaren, then switched to Mercedes when the team wasn’t in great shape. Meanwhile, he’s won six titles for us here. “Now our team has made a mistake, but we can hit the bottom again,” Hamilton concluded.

The Briton is currently the second oldest driver in Formula 1. Only Fernando Alonso, who will soon celebrate his 41st birthday, has more credit for that.

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