Distance learning has emerged in schools with the emergence of the pandemic and the restrictions it has caused. Because of the coronavirus, teachers, students and their parents have had to learn to use modern solutions. Now they don’t want to part with them forever.

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Dominica Lasota: We have appealed to the Ministry of National Education to make credible climate education part of the school curriculum.

Back to school. Classroom lessons, but online meetings

Remote lessons were a real problem for some people – insufficient internet connection, poor or very slow equipment, or too few computers in large families made learning difficult for many students. Teachers who weren’t quite adept at using such equipment before, and suddenly it turned out that they were going to use it to conduct all the lessons, had problems, too. But over time, most people get used to the new reality. Some admins School They announced that they intend to continue to benefit from the fact that distance learning has reached schools.

PiS Councilor saw the “rainbow flag” in the parachute decoration

An example will be cited by Radio ZET Jacek P. Kaczor, Principal of Secondary School No. 1 in Krakow. – When we get a foothold, we will not leave it – he said and told that in the distant situation, among other things, pedagogical councils and meetings with parents will take place. – We have many students from outside Krakow, for their parents, the meeting room was a logistical effort, because it was necessary to organize the care of the little ones ChildrenStanding in traffic jams to get to school – explain that it’s also about safety and preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

Extra-curricular activities can be conducted remotely

It will be possible online to submit different types of applications and applications in many schools, facilitating administrative work. The Ministry of Education and Science has sent school guidelines for the upcoming academic year. According to them, compulsory classes will be held stationary, but additional classes can be conducted online. We have passed the stage of fear of new technology. I entered the school uncertain, but after this year we know that if the situation calls for it, we can use digital tools – he said oil radius Director Kaczor.

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Not all MEiN guidelines are optimistic. Physical education is very limited

“During the implementation of activities, including physical education and sports, in which you cannot keep a distance, you should abandon sports and contact games. It is recommended to organize excursions to open places, for example park, forests, green spaces, staying away from third parties and the rules in place in public places. Group trips and trips to confined spaces should be avoided ”- this is what the MEiN bulletin states.

This is criticized by physical education teachers, among other things, who suggest that the ministry is ordering them to abandon the basic curriculum and go for a walk. One of the teachers portal axes Sports, described as ridiculous. This is in contrast to previous recommendations according to which distance learning students should receive the appropriate amount of exercise and practice. In practice, a lot depends on a particular school and the stage of the pandemic – it’s still not clear if more closures lie ahead, so we’ll have to wait for the situation to evolve.

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