On Mondays, the youngest of elementary school classes can return to their school desks. In Bialystok, more than 8000 students have started their education full time. children.

Photo: Pixabay

High attendance

On Monday (18.01), students in grades 1-3 returned to full-time education in elementary schools. Institutions operate in the sanitation system, according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Health and the Head of the Public Health Inspectorate.

In Bialystok, 7,303 pupils (out of 8,072) are enrolled, accounting for 90.5% of the attendance. Currently, 8 out of 658 teachers are in quarantine or home isolation, and so far principals have not reported any significant problems admitting younger students.

The situation is still being monitored

Schools operate in a complete health system. They operate according to guidelines relating to, among other things, rules for organizing the seasons, hygiene and cleaning and disinfection of rooms and surfaces.

We are in constant contact with the directors of the institutions and we monitor the situation in the municipal schools on an ongoing basis. Today there was a videoconference with the primary school principals. “We want students and teachers in schools to feel safe,” said Deputy Mayor Ravai Rudnicki.

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