More and more coronavirus infections in Poland, the peak of the fourth wave can be expected soon. Due to the increase in the number of infected, some educational institutions have had to fully introduce distance or hybrid learning.

According to information provided by the Ministry of Education and Science, 96.6% of primary schools and 97.4% of post-primary schools are still operating full time.

MEiN Report – Schools Operating in Hybrid and Remote Mode

Distance or hybrid learning is offered at other institutions. 129 primary schools returned to teaching at the start of the epidemic, also in kindergartens, it is possible to observe an increase in the incidence of diseases – 21 institutions have joined distance or hybrid teaching. In secondary schools, a decrease can be observed in the number of institutions returning to this method of teaching.

According to a MEiN report released on October 15, it can be seen Slight increase in remote or mixed educational institutions Between primary schools and pre-school educational institutions, that is, pre-school points, pre-school and kindergarten education teams. In the previous week (October 8 report), 97.5% of primary schools taught full time, last week it was 96.6%. At the beginning of the month, 98.7% of primary schools were able to conduct full-time classes. So you can see a slight increasing trend among remote or co-educational institutions.

When can the school start remote or co-educational?

If a person infected with COVID-19 comes to the school, an epidemiological investigation is conducted among the students and staff of the facility. Its purpose is to identify the group of people who may have been exposed to the virus. After investigation, the Health Inspection Department decides what measures should be taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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Only after obtaining the decision of the health inspector in BOVAT, the management of the institution may switch to the mode of distance learning or hybrid In line with the recommendations of that inspectorate. The introduction to distance learning can be given to a specific group of people, a class, a specific educational stage, or the entire organization. This decision may apply to some or all of the activities taught in the school.

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