In the first round, Mathilde Grimaud lost her sled, and in the third, she fell seriously ill. The latter was so exciting that the Swiss won the gold medal at the Beijing 2022 Olympics.

Sebastian Szczekowski

Sunday Slope Qualification Track

Downhill swimming qualification track on Twitter / FIS / Sunday

The top 12 players from the playoffs made it to the finals. Great Britain and the United States each had representatives, but Maren Hamill was unable to start due to a knee injury. The remaining states provided one free skating specialist each. The finalists had to be patient as the playoffs were tentatively scheduled for Monday. The weather pushed them into Tuesday.

You can see the nervousness in the first runs. Matilde Grimaud was already the first at the start, falling while performing the evolution and one of her sleds failing. There were also serious errors in the finalists. The flipper was completed by Johan Kelly, who finished second in the playoffs. Kelly Seldaro of Estonia was at the top, followed by Tess Lidio of France and Elaine Illing Gu of China.

The second round flipped the ratings. Gremaud delivered a surprise and jumped from last to first place. Maggie Voessen was on the podium and the post-qualifier candidates had problems this time around. Sildaru survived removing the skis after landing the last jump, and it took Ngu some time to recover from the fall.

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In the third round, Mathilde Grimaud fell hard from a great height and did not improve her score. The rivals’ angry attack on her first position was unsuccessful. Details weren’t enough for the gold, and finally Aaleng Elaine Ngo’s second, and Kelly Seldaro took bronze from the first round.

Slopestyle Women’s Final:

1 – Mathilde Grimaud (Switzerland) 86.56
2 – Iling Ilin Nguo (China) 86.23
3 – Kelly Seldaro (Estonia)
4 – Anastasia Talina (Republic of China) 75.51
5 – Maggie Voisin (USA) 74.28
6 – Johan Kelly (Norway) 73.11
7- This Lidio (France) 72.91
8. Kirsty Muir (UK) 71.30
9. Katie Summerhayes (UK) 64.75
10. Silvia Bertagna (Italy) 61.85
11- Olivia Aslin (Canada) 16.83
Marine Hamill (USA) DNF

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