On July 4, the former White House host will celebrate his 60th birthday. There are many indications that Barack Obama does not take the deteriorating situation in the country seriously – American media reported that about 700 guests are expected to attend the ceremony.

Axios announces a party in the 30 Ares garden of the $12 million mansion, which will include, among other things, Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney or Steven Spielberg. Christmas is the celebration of Pearl Jam with their performance. President Biden announced that he would not attend the party.

Axios reports that all guests have been asked to take the Covid-19 vaccine, which will be supervised by a covid coordinator specifically assigned to this task.

While organizing the event does not conflict with any regulations, it certainly goes against official messages warning of another wave of the virus. a few days ago Additional restrictions have been imposed in the state – in federal buildings it is mandatory to wear a face mask, which even people in all crowded places are encouraged to do, and officials are urging to limit mass events.

New vaccination incentives

In response to the slowdown in US vaccination campaigns and the worsening epidemic caused by the delta variant of the coronavirus, Joe Biden urged local authorities last Thursday to use the $100 federal fund to provide anyone with a Covid-19 vaccination.

Federal officials and service providers will need to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or undergo regular testing. Describing the new official requirements, Biden said those who have not been vaccinated will have to undergo one or more weekly tests, wear masks, and will not be allowed to travel on business.

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