Kronen Zeitung reports that 35-year-old former adviser Sebastian Kurz will begin working in a management position in US Silicon Valley in February, adding that it has been less than a month when Kurz made an announcement to completely withdraw from politics.

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Kurz announced his decision on December 2. He encouraged her to give birth to a son and a desire to devote time to his family. He announced that he was leaving politics completely and resigned from all his jobs, including the head of the Austrian People’s Party (OeVP). The decision wasn’t easy, but I don’t feel sad. I am so grateful for everything I have had the opportunity to experience in the past 10 years.

work for a decade in politics, Kurtz has achieved just about everything – he has been Secretary of State, the youngest foreign minister in the country’s history, the youngest federal advisor and head of the OeVP. “Twice won the National Council elections. Meetings with Putin and Trump. Angered Merkel and the European Union. Forgotten Austria has re-emerged on the international scene ”- describes Kurz’s political career as “Kronen Zeitung”.

Curtis argued that it was the birth of his son that made him want to devote more time to his family. He was absorbed by political activism too much, and oftentimes he “felt stalked and trapped”. He referred to the charges against him of involvement in corruption scandals.

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A few days earlier, on November 17, Kurz waived his parliamentary immunity, and the Attorney General’s office resumed the investigation against him and his closest aides in the 2016 corruption scandal. The accusations against him are baseless.

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Sebastian Kurz’s son, Konstantin Sebastian, was born on November 27. “The young father was present at birth,” Kronen Zeitung wrote. Kurtz is currently not giving any interviews. The office of his adviser was cleaned a long time ago – he writes the magazine. Curtis took from him only a small cross, which had previously been hung on the wall in each of his offices.

The Ministry of Finance’s audit report was published last week, revealing including. Disclosure of unexplained payments in the amount of over 120,000 PLN Euros made in 2016 by people associated with Kareem. “According to Chief Financial Prosecutor Wolfgang Peschorn, this report does not contain any personal charges against Susan Thier, partner of Sebastian Kurz, who worked in the large communications department of the Federal Ministry of Finance until maternity leave,” Cronin says. Zeitung.

Proving innocence can take years, as other cases have shown. Until then, Curtis may graduate high school,” the paper wrote, confirming that in early February Curtis would start a new job “at a global company in Silicon Valley.” It is now known that uThe letter has already been signed and more information will be published soon.

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In the future, the former chancellor will live a classic administrative life between San Francisco, Vienna, Germany and Switzerland. Susan and his son will be partly with him. In addition, he is likely to take positions on international supervisory boards” – writes the newspaper and adds, citing Corts’ friends, that the former adviser “definitely rules out a return to politics”.

Another life change for Curtis is to marry Susan Thier after 16 years of relationship.

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