fires It appeared, among other things, near the Margaret River, which is popular with tourists in the state Australia Western, where the air temperature has risen steadily for several weeks, recently reaching 40 ° C, no one has died in the fires yet, and there is also no information about destroyed buildings, but the fires covered a large area – 6 thousand. Hectare. Warnings were issued to the residents of the area. Some were advised not to go out, while others were advised to leave their homes and seek refuge in safer neighbourhoods.

“Act now to survive,” the state’s Fire and Emergency Services Department said.

In contrast, the Australian Pacific coast has suffered from the rain for weeks, resulting in its occurrence Flood. “A center of low pressure formed in southern New South Wales, causing torrential rain and severe flooding,” the Bureau of Meteorology reported.

From Thursday in some villages of the area Sydney 21 cm of rain fell. According to meteorologists, November was the wettest month in 122 years and was one of the coldest months in the country’s history, as a result. weather anomalies It consists in maintaining a temperature below average at the surface of the water.

Scientists believe that extreme weather events in Australia have been exacerbated by this weather changes due to human activity. In 2019, the continent was ravaged by wildfires, one of the largest in the country’s history.