Heavy rains and subsequent flooding forced thousands of Australians to evacuate last week. Many people are still without electricity, and the authorities are repairing transformers and cleaning roads. They are also devoid of wetlands spiders.

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Australia. Dense spider webs reach the horizon

W Australia The arachnophobia nightmare has come true. Because of the heavy rain and wet ground, the spiders had to move a little higher to protect themselves from the water. It works just like our Indian summer – spiders weave threads that reach, carried by the wind, to safe, elevated areas. Hence the cobwebs that covered the weeds, meadows and roadsides. This is common yet flood.

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– When we have this kind of heavy rain and floods, the animals that spend their lives on Earth can’t live there and do exactly what we’re trying to do – they’re moving higher – he explained. CNN Professor Dieter Hocholi, an ecologist at the University of Sydney.

A similar phenomenon was already observed in Gippsland in 2013. After heavy rains, the area was covered with a dense spider web as it is now.

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outlet Independent.co.uk It is reported that spider migrations can also be seen in the Australian state of New South Wales in March this year. Residents shared photos and videos showing groups of spiders trying to escape the flood. They took refuge, among other things, in homes after New South Wales was hit by its worst flooding in 50 years.

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