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As I mentioned BBC NewsThe teens were accused of reckless torture (blows and bumps) and animal murders.

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Australia fires. Firefighters released a shocking video

Australia. Residents found 14 kangaroos killed on the road. Animals were hit

Kangaroo carcasses were found by residents on Saturday 9 October. Among the dead the animals There were two small kangaroos. A third young woman was injured by a kangaroo, but she managed to survive thanks to a local resident who found it the next day. I took care of the small sample named Hope Australian wilderness protection organization the animals (Wires).

On Saturday, six dead marsupials (including five adults and one young) and a baby kangaroo survived were found near Long Beach. Then police Eight kangaroos were reported killed – this time, the bodies of seven adults and a young animal were discovered at Malones Beach.

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Two 17-year-olds have been arrested in connection with the beating and killing of a kangaroo

Monday October 11th police They have arrested two 17-year-old boys suspected of killing 14 kangaroos. In an interview with the BBC, police said that a group of marsupials died in them The result Discounts by the cars.

The motives for killing the animals, for the time being, are unknown to the media. Teens have already heard the accusations. Thing will hit For appointment next month (November 21).

Scientists: Kangaroos can communicate on purpose with humans (illustration image)Scientists: Kangaroos can ask people for help – just like dogs and horses

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Survivor animal evokes the greatest emotions in social media. Progress in treating baby kangaroos can be followed on Twitter by Australia’s WIRES organization, which said in its post: “A resident has found a kangaroo survivor. He has been given the name ‘Hope’ and is now in the care of a local WIRES member Shelley. We will keep you informed. Enduring the progress Hope is making.” There is also a picture of the young hope attached to the entrance.