The Horizons Scholarship Program is an opportunity to study in the most interesting high schools and technical schools in Poland. The scholarship is awarded for the entire period of secondary education.

The EFC Foundation partially covers the costs of student accommodation, meals, public transport tickets and school trips.
In addition, it funds teaching and certification exams in language schools.

We treat scholarship recipients individually and support them in developing their interests and passions – we assure scholarship program organizers – we help openness to the world and its diversity, and participate in social and civic projects. Scholarship holders are supervised by an EFC Foundation team and qualified coordinators working in the cities where young people study. In challenging situations, scholarship recipients are never alone, they can also count on the support of our psychologists.

The EFC invites students from grades of 8 primary schools who live in towns of 30,000 inhabitants, and the monthly household income does not exceed a net Polish zlotys of 1,200 per person. A grade point average is not a criterion for participation in the program, but results in education should indicate potential enrollment in one of the 19 high schools or technical schools with which the EFC Foundation cooperates.
Employment continues until March 15th, applications and information are available at

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