After the unsuccessful Olympics, the fall of 2021 was very fruitful for Hubert Hurkacz. Most of all, he will have warm memories of winning the championship at the Metz, which he did so unexpectedly. Unfortunately, he did not extend his streak to competition in the Austrian capital. He ended his participation in it after the first round.

Hubert Hurkacz – Andy Murray. Latest competition date

It is also worth noting that in 2021, Hurkacz twice faced the British and always came out with the shield from these duels. He defeated him first in Cincinnati, and then during the aforementioned games at the Metz. But this time, the Pole did not do well to outsmart Murray again.

Pole lost in three sets. the summary of the match

The Wrocław player found himself in trouble in the first set, although he was still able to defend himself at the time – specifically he did so with two break points. At that time, the fight between tennis players was being played to the rhythm of a jewel in the match, but the Briton showed more willpower, which broke our representative.

However, the defeat in the first set did not discourage Piao Ziruni. On the contrary, he started the second match in great style – he won the first match to zero, as well as in the third. It turns out that the sixth is important. Hurkacz was already ahead 40:0, yet Murray defended himself against a four-time break. Later, he also made a move of three successful passes in a row and eventually broke the tie. He also turned out to be better there, turning his fortune around and winning 8:6.

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The match was decided in the third match, which was dramatic at times. Among other things, we saw a long exchange in which the pole turned out to be better. But later, it seemed as if the inhabitant of Wroclaw had lost all his strength because of this. Murray won the next three games, and the whole set was 6:3.

Hurkacz remains important in the fight to participate in the ATP Masters

The 1:2 loss (4:6, 7:6, 3:6) means Hurkacz has already said goodbye to competing in the ATP in Vienna. Now, to qualify for the Elite ATP Masters Tournament, he has to rely on his opponents to perform poorly in battle for the chance to play in this competition. Casper Ruud (Norway), Cameron Nouri (UK) and Felix Auger-Aliassime (Canada) are still vying for two vacancies.

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