Scientists from Opole University of Technology have created the first laboratory in Europe and the second in the world to study ankle sprain. The university is looking for people who want to participate in an experimental research course.

The Simulation and Research Laboratory for Ankle Sprain has been established in the College of Physical Education and Physical Therapy of Opole University of Technology. As the university indicates, it is the first laboratory of this type in Europe and the second – after the United States – in the world. In a specially designed treadmill, in collaboration with scientists from Dr. Todd MacLeody’s team from Illinois State University, the mechanisms of chronic instability of the ankle joint will be examined.

According to the Dean of the College Dr. Dawid Bączkiewicz, injuries of this type are often minimized by the victims themselves, and the genesis of their formation is not entirely clear. It is only known that in people who regularly rotate the ankle, there are changes in the joint structure, including meniscus, and previous degenerative changes.

“The muscle activity also changes, which leads to a change in the activity of the neurons, even at the level of the spinal cord and the cerebral cortex. The treatments that have been conducted so far are not giving satisfactory results, because repeated sprains continue to occur. We want this change” – says Bączkiewicz.

Wojciech Stefaniak of PO Physiotherapy Department emphasizes that injuries that are the subject of study often accompany people who engage in different types of sports.

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“An ankle sprain, colloquially known as an ankle sprain, is the most common sports injury, which is associated with a relapse within a year in the group of people who exercise regularly. The probability is about 30% .. basketball, football, volleyball, handball, Cross-country running increases the risk to 85 percent, ” explains Stefanyak.

As university staff confirms, the research will use the latest generation equipment.

“We analyze the pathological mechanisms responsible for the development of chronic instability of the ankle joint. We have in the laboratory the most modern equipment, including electromyography (EMG), which records muscle activity, and we use electromyograms that allow us to assess the behavior of the joint at a given moment, measuring The muscle, which defines the mechanical properties of the soft tissues, the platforms that allow the assessment of postural stability (balance). The tests also use a vibration meter to assess the quality of movement in the joint. We provide a comprehensive picture of the defendant, “- stresses Stephanic.

The university will search for people who would like to participate in the research. It can mainly attend people who have sprained the ankle joint at least twice in the past year, have a feeling of “running away from the ankle”, and exercise regularly when they are 20-30. The test itself will involve walking on a specially designed treadmill and being monitored.

The tests will assess the quality of movement in the joint and the behavior of the nervous system in people at risk of developing an ankle sprain. Scientists will also focus on the effect of a special therapeutic intervention, which all people eligible for research will receive.

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Those wishing to conduct the research must complete the questionnaire available at: Participation in the research is free of charge, as one hundred people are searched (including 33 in the representative group who did not have sprained ankle joints). As reported by university representatives, each of these people will undergo one-on-one therapy session including 12 free sessions. (PAP)

Author: Marek Shepanek

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