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The Department of Education and Science provided administrators with in-house education guidelines and educational packages on vaccine regulation. MEiN spokeswoman Anna Ostrowska said the ministry had allocated PLN 100 million for security measures.

In cooperation with the State Strategic Reserves Agency, we will provide schools and kindergartens with security measures. These will be disinfection stations with the function of measuring temperature before entering the building, masks, thermometers or disinfectants.”

– says the spokeswoman.

The Ministry of Education has sent educational packages on vaccination to schools. Anna Ostrowska announces that more educational packages will be delivered to institutions in the near future.

“This week, schools will receive additional educational packages from us. This will be in addition to the packages we have already sent to the schools. These will be videos, informational materials, sample handouts and lesson plans on health”

– says Anna Ostrovska.

The materials were developed with the Ministry of Health, Education Development Center, Chief Health Inspector and consulting with the Medical Council.

The Minister of Education and Science, Przemyslav Czarnik, confirmed today that in the coming months, education in schools will be stable.

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