American astronauts will see such views later this decade. NASA He is preparing intensely to return to the moon and stay there forever. For this purpose, there will be established bases for space mining and research.

The agency has been taking a closer look at the area for some time Antarctica of the Silver Ball. There is a volcano Shackleton. Scientists found dark areas all year round. This means that there are favorable conditions not only for the construction of the first permanent settlement, but also under the regolith there may be large layers of water in the form of ice.

Water will be able to serve the colonists not only for survival, but also Hydroponic plant cultivationand, above all, it will be able to obtain oxygen or life-giving fuel for the purposes of operating vehicles or missiles.

Specialists from the Science Visualization Studio at the Goddard Space Flight Center have prepared an interesting animation, thanks to which NASA can better prepare for the first mission to the moon of the 21st century. The animation simulates the camera set to Shackleton Crater beaches facing our planet.

As scientists explain, we can see not only the movement of the Earth over several months, but also The brightness of the sun over the entire lunar region. Such simulations play a major role in colonization plans. The agency recently showed how sunlight illuminates craters in the Silver Globe.

Based on this, engineers can very quickly identify those who remain in the dark most of the year. This means it can be in them water ice. Such facilities will surely become mining targets for future missions.

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We remind you that the introduction to return to the moon as part of the program ArtemisThere will be the first flight of the most powerful space rocket launch system currently in use around the Silver Globe. NASA said the rocket is already assembled and could be launched in February 2022. The first landing of Americans in the 21st century It is expected that the surface of the moon will be created in 2024.