July 14, 2022 at 12:43 pm

Baghdad could be where Assassin’s Creed Rift takes us. Journalist Jason Schreyer denied the rumors about the Aztecs. His concept appears to be consistent.

On Wednesday, Twitter user @JeremyPenter posted an entry on the AngryCentaurGaming channel’s profile saying: The new Assassin’s Creed will take us back to the time of the Aztecs. However, in the near future, up to three games of this series will be released, and the title of which this leak is related has not been specified. Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreyer referenced the ACG tweet, adding new details about it Doctrine killer. according to him Translator part crack It is scheduled to happen in Baghdad. Furthermore, Schreyer claims that according to his information, no crackNeither endless They will not be included in the Aztec era.

In the name of can not be from the Aztec

Schreyer confirmed it AC Infiniti It will only come out after crackBoth games will be played in different regions and under different conditions. He seems to have heard that Neither of them would have anything to do with the Aztecs.

The main character crack It supposed to be Bassem bin IshaqKnown killer from Valhalla. And here it all comes together beautifully. Bassem was born in or around Baghdad It would make sense if the work crack It was taking place in that area. Besides, it is in the contemporary thread and the continuation of its history makes sense.

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In the end, wicked information is more reasonable than ACG function. In addition, he repeatedly revealed the details of the games from the series, which were later confirmed (while he was still working on the Kotaku website, he was the first to reveal his work on the series). Syndicate).

depression warning

There is only a “but”. ACG leak indicates that it is new Doctrine killer You will be associated with the Aztecs. This Indian nation did not appear in Mexico until the thirteenth century. AC Valhalla It is located in the ninth century AD. Until it turns out that Bassem is in fact a type of deity (he is in theory an embodiment of the deity Loki), in crack We will not even meet the Aztecs.

We are waiting for Ubisoft’s reaction

Ubisoft has not addressed any of these leaks. However, both ACG and Schreier are seen as reliable sources of information. Therefore, there is a possibility that some of the above speculations may be correct. We will definitely find out more about it in September, When Ubisoft officially releases information about the future of the course Doctrine killer.

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