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Nord Stream 2. When you don’t know what’s going on, it is money? not always. “It’s a trap” [OKO NA ŚWIAT]

In line with the existing sonda¿amiAccording to observers after elections Th Germany The CDU / CSU would remain in power (although the Green Party had begun to take the lead and also had a good chance of winning), so the rivalry between Armin Laschet and Marcus Sudhir over who would elect a candidate for the position of chancellor in the upcoming elections was full of emotions. In the end, Lachette won.

Armin Laschet is a candidate for the post of Chancellor of Germany. What is the impact of his victory on Poland?

Candidate of the place Angelie Merkel It is considered a continuation of its policy, which will definitely have an impact on Polish-German relations. According to the portal The German WaveThe prime minister of North Rhine-Westphalia is close to Polish issues. The area she administers has strong ties with our country, both of them economicAnd cultural.

According to the portal, he was supposed to speak in the past about his respect for Poland, stressing the merits of “solidarity” or the essence of our country as a partner.

Germany. There is a new head of CDU – Armin Laschet. Candidate for the post of Chancellor of Germany?

No less important than reunification Europe There are Franco-German relations, so it is also important to reintegrate the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, especially Poland, into this European process. Often forgotten – he told DW.

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Laschet about the rule of law in Poland

In 2018, Armin Laschet spoke about the rule of law during his visit to Poland, saying it is an issue between the European Union and Poland and should not be the subject of daily talks between politicians.

– Wait, I’m sure if European Court of Justice You acknowledge that the rules in the European Union are violated, Poland will accept this ruling – DW said.

What about Nord Stream 2? Germany must not give up its support for the pipeline. “

Laschet is considered a continuation of Merkel’s policy that augurs well for relations between Germany and Poland in the event of a possible victory for the politician. But this does not mean that relationships in every field will be completely compatible with one another. On the one hand Nord Stream 2 Lachit has a completely different position from that of the Warsaw authorities.

Germany The German chancellor’s candidate argued in February that they should not give up their support for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline due to Alexei Navalny’s imprisonment, arguing that “the moral preaching that will make us feel better is not foreign policy.”

Volodymyr Zelensky, President of UkraineFrom Volodymyr Zelensky to Vladimir Putin: I invite you to a meeting in the Donbas

But this does not mean that the situation will not change after the elections. The reason may be the high ranking of the Greens, who are ranked second in the polls so far, and according to the top, they are ranked first. They are against the construction of the pipeline, so in the case of an alliance, the final decision can still be discussed.

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Recent polls show a major shift in support. Writes Gazeta WyborczaAccording to the public opinion poll published by Forsa on Tuesday, if the elections had been held now, the Green Party would have won them. During the week, the Christian Democrats lost 7 percentage points. Which gives them 21 percent. In contrast, the Green Party won, and support jumped to 28%.

Some luck the Greens have a chance to win the next election yet Once They were also the first to announce their candidate for the position of chancellor. It will be Analina Burbuk, who is the co-chair of the squad.

Who is Adam Lachit?

The politician is 60 years old, a Catholic from Belgium and the son of a mining engineer. He obtained a license in law. Before he devoted himself to politics, he was a journalist. Since 2017, it is Prime Minister North Rhine-Westphalia, which is the most populous region in the country. This includes exhibitions to curb charcoal production and calls for good relations with immigrants.