The Gentlemen’s Party was held at Windsor Castle on Wednesday. It was shown by Lewis Hamilton, who, by decision of Queen Elizabeth, was awarded the award in early 2021. The Mercedes driver was honored by Prince Charles at the ceremony.

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Lewis Hamilton

Press material / Mercedes / Pictured: Lewis Hamilton

In early 2021, Lewis Hamilton was on the list of British nominees for the jockey. However, the ceremony itself took place only now – the Mercedes driver appeared on Wednesday at Windsor Castle, where he marked Prince Charles.

In the photos from the ceremony that reached the Internet, you can clearly see the laughing Prince Charles and the Mercedes driver. In addition to giving them the title of nobility, the gentlemen had a short but friendly conversation.

It was Lewis Hamilton’s first official celebration since last Sunday, when he lost his eighth Formula 1 world title to Max Verstappen under tragic circumstances. The 36-year-old hasn’t spoken in public since – he hasn’t appeared at the press conference after the Abu Dhabi race of the year, and hasn’t been active on social media.

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The mere nomination of Hamilton for the noble title is controversial in the UK, because the Mercedes driver has lived in Monaco for many years, and therefore does not pay taxes in Great Britain. According to some critics, this removes Hamilton from the group of people who should be honored with the title.

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But Queen Elizabeth ignored critical voices. When the royal family translated the Briton award in early 2021, his merits in the sport were emphasized, noting that Michael Schumacher’s record was equal and he won seven world titles in Formula One.

During the Wednesday ceremony, the noble titles were also awarded to other people of merit of Great Britain. At the last moment, actor David Suchet had to quit the party. He was diagnosed with coronavirus infection.

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