Apple A. A bunch of privacy features When she announced iOS 14, the concept of “feeding label” privacy for the company didn’t come with it The launch of the new operating system in September. Apple today announced that developers will be required to provide information for these “stickers” starting December 8th.

Like a regular nutrition label that lists ingredients and calorie content, these privacy “stickers” should give you a better idea of ​​what’s going on inside the app before downloading it from the iOS App Store or the Mac App Store. The stickers will list the information the app collects, and visually present this on the app page, just like looking at the back of stickers at the grocery store.

IPhone mockup showing app store stickers
Photo: Apple

The important thing, of course, is that while developers are required to disclose this information to continue releasing and updating applications, all information provided by developers will be self-reported, which may leave some possibilities for Error play.

Apple developer site He warns that developers will be required to disclose all information that they and their third-party partners collect and keep their “tags” updated. For example, if an app needs to know your exact location to work, you will know this before downloading it. If the GPS functionality is removed from the app, the new label will have to reflect this. Apple makes some exceptions when these sticker detections are optional, but the important thing is to know that if an app intends to track you constantly, you’ll know this before it’s on your phone.

Providing this information is an easy-to-understand way to keep users informed of exactly how their phones are using to track them. Apple is already aggressively managing permissions within apps, but these flags could be a former line of defense. Developers can start submitting their app information now before the December 8th deadline.

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