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Exposing the iPhone to high amplitude vibrations in certain frequency ranges, particularly those from high-powered motorcycle engines, can degrade the performance of the camera system.

It is an Apple advertisement. Why can vibrations damage iPhone cameras?

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Vibrations are harmful to iPhone’s OIS and AF systems

Accidentally moving the camera while taking a photo may cause the photo to appear blurry. To prevent this, some iPhone models are equipped with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), which allows you to take sharp photos even if the camera is accidentally moved. Thanks to OIS, the gyroscope can sense the movement of the camera. To reduce the movement of the image and the resulting noise, the lens moves according to the angle of rotation.

In addition, some iPhone models are equipped with locked autofocus (AF). It is resistant to gravity and vibration. In the case of autofocus, the built-in magnetic sensors measure the effects of gravity and vibration and determine the position of the lens. When taking photos or recording videos, it helps compensate for motion and vibration.

The OIS and AF systems found in iPhones are designed with durability in mind. However, prolonged and direct exposure to high amplitude vibrations in certain frequency bands can degrade the performance of these systems and cause damage.

iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max introduced14 years ago, Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone and changed the rules of the game. Will Apple surprise us again?

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Motorcycle engine vibrations are harmful to iPhone cameras

An apple iPhone users warn that motorcycle engines are high Energy Or large volumes generate high amplitude vibrations that are transmitted through the chassis and steering wheel. The company advises against linking phones on the frame or handlebar of the motorcycle. In the case of scooters or scooters An apple Encourage the use of vibration damping handles. It will reduce the risk of damage to the iPhone and its OIS and AF systems.