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Apple introduced the iPhone 13, the new iPad, and the Apple Watch
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The Apple concern on Tuesday presented the company’s new generation of the company’s phone, the iPhone 13. During the conference, the first presentations of new versions of the iPad tablets and the Apple Watch Series 7 smartwatch were also announced.

The presented smartphone has a new camera system of 28 percent. A brighter screen than its predecessor and a new hexa-core A15 Bionic processor, which according to Apple is expected to reach 50 percent. Higher speed and performance than competitor chips. The company has also introduced new capabilities of a video camera placed in the device, which will be able to among other things, intelligent image sharpening. The device is expected to cost from $699 for the mini version and $799 for the full-size iPhone.

“The competition is still struggling to catch up with our chips — not just from last year, but even two years ago,” said Caienne Drance, iPhone Marketing Director.

The sale will also include new versions of iPhones in the Pro version, which is the biggest advance in terms of camera capabilities, for example enabling macro photography. The premiere will take place less than a year after the release of the previous version of iPhone 12 devices.

The Cupertino, California concern also announced the premiere of its flagship tablets, the iPad and iPad Mini. The larger version of the machine should be equipped with a 20 percent capacity. faster processor. The mini tablet must be compatible with the Apple Pencil. Both iPads and iPhones must be equipped with 5G antennas.

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Another new announced is the Apple Watch Series 7 smartwatch, which aims to offer a larger screen and more biometric capabilities. The watch should also be stronger and dust-resistant.

We wrote about the prices of the new iPhone a few days before the premiere. (PAP)

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