It is increasingly said that Apple is planning to introduce it to the world in the near future Visually refreshed Emaki. It is interesting because, unlike other equipment from the manufacturer’s range, The worn out body of the AiO computer has not changed significantly with a severed apple for more than a decade. They are the ones who will benefit the most from the change from Intel processors.

Beauty is on the inside

Currently, only a few of the Cupertino giant’s devices run on first-generation ARM processors, but in many respects indeed. Compete for breakfast. The queue of new components waits patiently, among other things 16 inches MacBook ProAnd the iMac I am Mac Pro.

The iMacs projects for 2021 are truly the most passionate. We won’t see it anymore An eye-catching “chin”In this article, we will have many colorful versions to choose from, and there are rumors on the Internet about Up to 30 inch screen.

Apple M1 (źródło: Apple)

Refined version of the processor Apple M1Apple M1X – It is to transfer our previous experience with computers to a higher level. The number of high-performance cores will be doubled Firestorm against little brother. Number of energy-saving Icestorm cores Will not change. So we will have 12 centers at our disposal, Instead of basic 8.

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Warm, warmer … hot!

As the classic would say, With great power comes great responsibility. It wouldn’t be any different in the case of Apple M1X. It’s estimated that even using a new cooling system in Macbooks isn’t enough to satisfy the processor’s appetite and the amount of heat it produces.

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Perhaps it was from here that the decision to introduce a larger model came iMaca, Which will ease the huge cooling surface aspirations of the new processor. The same, iMac It would be the only device capable of harnessing the full potential of the M1X.

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