Allergy is a civilized disease that affects an increasing proportion of society. We are often allergic to dust mites. In such a situation, in addition to consulting a doctor, you should take special care of the immediate surroundings, that is, the cleanliness in the apartment. Check out solutions that will help you reduce your risk of symptoms.

Allergies in Poland

The latest data shows that nearly half of Poles (even more than 40% of our population) deal with various types of allergies. Because of pollutants in the air, residents of megacities face allergies more often. Allergies are often called the epidemic of the 21st century. People of all ages struggle with it, and it appears more and more often in cases where its symptoms did not bother us in childhood. The occurrence of allergic diseases is conditioned by the interaction of environmental, genetic and cultural factors (eg cigarette smoke, smog, chemicals). The most common allergy in Poland is dust allergy – its symptoms are usually a runny nose, cough, shortness of breath and a scratchy throat.

How do you organize space?

In order for the allergy sufferer to live comfortably in his four corners, it is necessary to arrange the space appropriately. With a few simple measures, you can make your home an allergy-free haven. What can you do to facilitate daily performance?

Reduce the number of carpets (ideally, easy-to-clean baseboards or tiles) and curtains. If you decide to buy it already, make sure that it is suitable for frequent washing. The same goes for pillowcases, bedspreads, etc.

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– when planning the purchase of furniture, pay attention to the fact that most of them are cabinets or drawers – they collect a little dirt,

– Ventilate the rooms frequently, but avoid doing this on windy days and when there is a high concentration of pollutants in the air,

– Take care of the appropriate temperature (about 20-21 ° C). Overheating in rooms is a paradise for moths!

In addition to temperature, watch out for humidity level. It should not be too wet, as this promotes the growth of mold and fungi. A good solution would be to invest in an air humidifier that will keep you informed of the humidity level in the room and its regulation,

Change bed linen frequently and wash it at high temperatures (60°C and above). Use hypoallergenic detergents for every type of laundry.

– the use of special hypoallergenic paints for painting walls,

Take care of greenery and plants that help purify the air and are recommended for allergy sufferers. It can be, for example, a pyroflower or a dracaena, the leaves of which absorb harmful substances and allergens. Remember that not all plants will be suitable for you (some may be dusty),

– Reduce the number of accessories and decorations placed on worktops or shelves – thanks to this you can wipe off dust more easily.

daily help

It is best to clean as often as possible. To remove the allergen, which is dust, you need to reorganize your entire daily life. Dust, invisible to the naked eye, is deposited virtually everywhere – on walls, windows, nooks and crannies, on shelves and wardrobes. The Kobold VB100 Floor to Ceiling Cleaning System from Vorwerk is the perfect companion for everyday cleaning that can become a pleasure. Thanks to its various accessories, you will virtually get rid of pollution throughout your home! The HEPA filters used in the vacuum cleaner will separate even the smallest contaminants from the air stream. This is one of the most technologically advanced filters for vacuum cleaners that will ensure effective filtration. Made with three layers of filter, the bag not only retains dust, but also bacteria and fungal spores. Also, be sure to test the tip colloquially known as “the flower”. It has been designed in such a way that it sweeps away dust effectively. Thanks to the cover with soft bristles, dust and dirt will not rise into the air, and all particles will be immediately absorbed. The ending of “Flower” can be adjusted up to 13 levels.

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Mattresses and furniture upholstery are among the most sensitive places where dust mites accumulate. They should not be disposed of because all the pollutants will rise into the air afterwards. The Kobold VB100 has a custom cover loved by allergy sufferers – thanks to the rotating brush with internal attachments, it gently massages the lotion, leaving the mattress hygienically clean.

In short – it is better to focus on minimalism and basic rules. The less the better! Try not to clutter up the apartment when arranging it. The lack of furniture, cramped cabinets and the lack of carpets will certainly limit the “festival” of sneezing, coughing and red eyes. It’s possible to live naturally with allergies, as more and more families are discovering. All this thanks to the use of proper hygiene in everyday life.

VORWERK POLSKA Agnieszka Kołodyńska-Walków Public Relations and Communications Specialist