According to Washington, Kaspersky may be used by Moscow to launch cyberattacks.

The founder of the company is the former Russian intelligence officer Yevgeny Kaspersky. The popular antivirus has received so much attention that journalists have become interested in its creator.

On March 25, the Federal Communications Commission added the company to its list of potential security threats. However, after the attack on Ukraine, the US government began warning US companies against using Kaspersky software.

The case was reported by Reuters, citing, among other things, a high-ranking US official.

US authorities are preparing their critical infrastructure for potential cyber attacks. Washington is concerned that the Kaspersky program may serve as a gateway to the Russians.

Moreover, the United States believes that Kaspersky employees may have to provide access to customers’ computers.

Kaspersky himself has maintained for years that the accusations against him are baseless.

From the point of view of the Americans, the Symantec Norton range is a safer alternative. In turn, on mobile devices, control of access to the camera and microphone is provided, for example, by the Polish company UseCrypt.

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