The new US Secretary of State wants to pressure Germany to stop building Nord Stream 2. Anthony Blinken will raise the issue during a meeting with his German counterpart Heiko Maas.

The new US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken harshly criticized his first meeting with NATO foreign ministers. Nord Stream gas pipeline 2. He warned that Washington may impose new sanctions on the entities involved in the investment.

President Joe Biden made it clear that he thought the pipeline was a bad idea. “It is bad for Europe and bad for the United States,” Blinken told a news conference at NATO headquarters. He stressed that the project “is inconsistent with the European Union’s energy security objectives” and “may undermine the interests of Ukraine, Poland and many other partners.”


Anthony Blinken indicated that he would raise the matter in talks with the head of German diplomacy Hiku wrists. – I am sure I will have the opportunity to shed light on this, including the issue of law in the United States, which requires us to impose sanctions on companies involved in efforts to complete the pipeline – he said.

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Russia’s geopolitical project

The new US Secretary of State takes part in a two-day meeting of NATO diplomatic leaders in Brussels. This is his first official trip to Europe. Bilateral meetings are also scheduled, including with MAS.


The new administration in Washington wants to repair the strained relations with Europe and NATO partners during Donald Trump’s presidency. However, in the case of Nord Stream 2, it has so far continued the policy of the previous administration. Last week, Blinken called for “every stakeholder” for an immediate withdrawal from the controversial investment. He described Nord Stream 2 as “Russia’s geopolitical project to divide Europe and undermine European energy security.”

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Calls for new sanctions

However, Republicans accused the Biden administration that harsh words were not followed by similar harsh measures and new sanctions targeting the Russian-German gas pipeline. They also warned Biden against trying to reach an agreement with the Germans in this regard.

So far, the Americans have imposed sanctions only on the Russian company KVT-RUS, the owner of the “Fortuna”, which supplies the lost section of the offshore gas pipeline. The decision was made before Donald Trump’s term expired.


The German government believes that the US sanctions against Nord Stream 2 are incompatible with European sovereignty. Despite political tensions with Moscow, Berlin still believes the gas pipeline is a purely economic project that must be completed.

Ożywimy NATO

Blinken spoke in a more conciliatory tone about cooperation within NATO. “I came here to reaffirm the firm commitment of the United States to NATO,” he said before his meeting with Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. – The United States wants to rebuild the relations of our partners, especially with our allies in NATO, we want to revive the alliance – he added.

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