The women’s pro-abortion strike protests are back after Wednesday The Constitutional Court published the justification for the ruling issued on October 22, 2020 in the case of the so-called eugenics abortion. The Constitutional Court ruled that terminating pregnancy on suspicion of serious illness or disability of the fetus is inconsistent with the Basic Law. The court ruling was published in the Journal of Law.

A scandalous sign in protest

As reported on Twitter by the Law and Justice Party Representative Dominic Tarcinski, during one of the protests, one of the participants raised a banner that read: “It is time for another Smolensk”.


“Why does Barbara Novaka not respond to such barbaric slogans during the pro-abortion strikes? The lady supports these protests!” – asks Tarczyński on Twitter.

It is necessary to condemn the deputy in the name of remembrance of all the victims. A lady has a special right, but I think it is also an obligation. I am calling you and asking for a reaction, “adds the European Parliament member.

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