Lately, Twitch may have a problem to worry about. Major filmmakers who attracted from several to tens of thousands of viewers in their broadcasts decided to leave the platform. Ali “Legend” Qabbani has joined the wave of streamers on YouTube in recent days.

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The legend will be played on YouTube

As we can learn from social media Ali “Legend” Qabbani, the former professional Fortnite player representing Team SoloMid, has decided to change his streaming platform. After the end of his esports career, regular internet broadcasting became his lifestyle. He won’t be doing this on Twitch from now on.

Mytha streams will be available on YouTube from now on. It’s the result of a collaboration between content creation and Google’s platform. This person should be very useful to the player, as he decided to leave the site, since he had more than 7 million followers.

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This is not the first transfer of its kind

The choice of YouTube over Twitch by streaming companies is not a new phenomenon, and the myth is a precursor to it. In the past, other streaming companies, which were more successful on the Amazon platform than the former Fortnite player, decided to take similar steps.

Recently, LilyPichu decided to take a similar step, but the list is full of passion. YouTube is currently home to Ludwig, Twitch record holder for number of active subscriptions, and other famous personalities like DrLupo, TimTheTatman, Valkyrae and CouRage. broadcasts Disrespect is also on YouTube, but here the decision was also made due to the permanent ban on Twitch.

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Why Choose YouTube Banners?

Taking a long-term collaboration with another platform is a decision dictated by many factors. Twitch has undergone many changes in recent years, and some streamers may not necessarily like these changes. Regulations, which, while defending core values, have become radically radical, according to many, do so with excessive force. Currently, receiving a temporary exception on Twitch may be caused by the wrath of an outsider, and a ban will disable a creator’s earning potential for its entire duration.

However, the more liberal rules are not the end of the advantages that creators can see. Streaming on YouTube allows you to easily convert viewers between live formats and recorded material published on the platform. This allows you to diversify the sources of income, while making it easier for fans to find other content from a creator. After all, it is faster and easier to upload other material to the same site, while others search for it on another site.

YouTube is also, or even above all, a guarantee of stability and money. You are more likely to be offered regular and frequent transfers of stars in exchange for switching with recipients to another platform. Valkyrae has spoken frankly about this, saying that collaborating with YouTube allows her to stop worrying about impressions generated or the number of donations and will be safe even if she only has one viewer.

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YouTube can do better than Facebook?

For Polish Twitch recipients, the situation may not be new at all. A few years ago, many streamers from the Vistula River decided to leave the Amazon platform. At the time, the migration trend turned out to be Facebook, which offered lucrative contracts for streaming on a platform that was destined to become a gaming mogul in the following years.

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How did the story end? It’s not hard to see the failure of Facebook’s ambitious plans. After contracts were broken, creators switched to other platforms, often returning to Twitch. Is history repeating itself with YouTube? At the moment, it may just be speculation, but the chances are very slim.

YouTube is basically a well-established platform that almost every internet user is familiar with. Integration with other Google services increases the likelihood that they will have an account on the site, rather than not. Thanks to this, joining the stream and starting a conversation with the sender does not require additional work.

The portal is also more technically advanced. The launcher is constantly being improved according to the needs of users, and its operation is more fluid and intuitive than it was on Facebook. All sides make it clear that the chances of success and alienating Twitch from the main creators, along with the community built around them, are more likely.

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