Registration began at the next rocket workshop for the youngest of them. It is great fun and an opportunity to create your own unusual constructions.

picture: BPN-T

On Thursday (22.07), workshops on space models for children and adolescents will be held in the Bialystok Science and Technology Park. Previous events like this have brought together a lot of young rocket lovers.

During training, young designers under the guidance of trainers will build models powered by Class A motors. The motors are replaceable and disposable, while the models can be used multiple times. All resulting structures are completely safe and tested.

During the workshops, young people can also develop their handicraft skills by pasting, assembling or linking the created models.

“Building a basic model of a missile with a Class A engine may be the first step towards more advanced designs. You can confront it in the next chapter by building bigger missiles with more powerful engines” – encouraged the organizers, believing that the workshop could be the beginning of something bigger.

Classes will be conducted by instructors, members of the Polish Rocket Association.

Children up to 12 years old must attend the meeting with a parent, and older – they will have the opportunity to build their own model.

Participants cover the value of materials used in construction and launch (PLN 85). After the workshops are over and the launches are completed, the rockets become the property of the participants.

The workshops will begin at BPN-T at ul. Sherpa 71 at 17.00 and will continue until 20.00

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Registration: Missile workshop in BPN-T