Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton recently took an official trip to the Caribbean, marking the 70th anniversary of the reign of Elizabeth II. The grandson of the king and his wife visit countries that recognize the sovereignty of the British crown. In the wake of an unexpected case in Belize, another happened in Jamaica.

Marking the 70th anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, Kate and William set out on a journey across the Caribbean, visiting countries that recognize the sovereignty of the British crown. The flight opened on March 20, and at first an unexpected case occurred, when the American couple had to change the schedule and land in another, more positive village due to population protests in one of the villages of Belize.

It seems like a good, bad start, but it looks like the princely couple should reckon with more surprises. And certainly Duchess Kate, the heroine of a short film circulating on the Internet.

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Jamaican politician ignore Kate Middleton

As the British media reported, there was an unpleasant situation at the beginning of Kate and William’s visit to Jamaica. During the official salute to the princely couple at Kingston Airport, the Duchess sat next to a well-known local politician who was a representative of the Jamaican National People’s Party. This party has long called for the removal of the sovereignty of the British monarchy and is also demanding reparations from the United Kingdom.

It’s hard to understand why Lisa Hanna and Kate Middleton sit side by side when Hanna’s opinions are so clear. Perhaps the situation the whole world is joking about now will be avoided. It’s the moment Kate turns to Hannah and says something to her. However, the politician immediately turned her head, and the Duchess saw it clearly. A very short recording of this situation is circulating on the web.

However, it should be noted that there is no shortage of material on the web that shows a completely different relationship between Kate and Lisa Hanna. So the video above appears to be a somewhat random snapshot. However, many commentators read it unequivocally.