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Android Auto already gives drivers access to TomTom AmiGO and Sygic navigation. These are the first major changes to the display since Android Auto finally opened to third-party apps. Ultimately, it will also include Janusic, but it is productive for now He does not want to be determined, when Exactly. So far, only Google Maps and Waze have been available here.

TomTom AmiGO in practice is an updated and expanded version of the app previously known as TomTom Speed ​​Cameras. Now it’s basically a mobile navigation system with options for reporting speed cameras or traffic obstacles, which drivers themselves report.

“Our driver community will be very pleased with the AmiGO app: it’s free, clean, and ad-free design, and drivers can help each other out when they discover a traffic jam or a speed camera,” explains Mike Schaufs, TomTom Managing Director. “TomTom AmiGO’s compatibility with Android Auto now allows more drivers to reach their destination faster and safer,” he adds.

TomTom AmiGO navigation system On Android Available in Our software catalog.

Sygic w Android Auto

Around the same time, the updated version of Sygic navigation was also added to the Play Store offering. Going forward, it is also available in Android Auto, but here, in most cases, you have to take into account additional costs. Only the basic functions of the map are available for free, and if the user does not want to join the beta test program, they must also consider, among other things, the absence of voice guidance.

We are already taking both apps as wallpaper. Soon you’ll read first impressions of its use with Android Auto on good software.

Sygic navigation On Android Available in Our software catalog.

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