In June, news emerged that LG was in talks with Apple about distributing iPhones at the LG Best Shop in South Korea. distance The closing of the LG mobile division Some of the store shelves that were supposed to sharpen their previous competition are now getting their teeth.

However, this idea did not appeal to the National Mobile Communications Distribution Association. According to the officials, selling other branded devices in their showrooms would violate the terms of the previously signed agreement between the distributors.

However, LG wants to start selling iPhones after all

At least this is the result of the information received by the service H.EARLD ECONOMIC DAILY. This decision was to be dictated by the regulatory authorities, who recognized that LG’s closure of the mobile division could open the way for renegotiating previous arrangements with distributors.

Already in August, not only iPhones, but also iPads and Apple Watches will appear in about 400 LG Best Shop stores spread across South Korea.

It is said that Apple was interested in placing Mac computers in LG stores. However, the Koreans had to vehemently reject this proposal, likely due to the fact that they are still developing their own line of LG Gram laptops.

According to StatCaunter data, in June, the platform of the most popular South Korean smartphone makers included Samsung (63%), Apple (27%) and LG (6%), respectively. The first two brands are competing for the latter’s rebound. Apple has already paid LG customers extra for the change.

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