This Saturday, in the spaces of the TAURON Arena Krakow, we will see a one-of-a-kind DJ set performed by GusGus. Biggie Veira, the backbone of this famous Scandinavian team, arrived at the invitation of the chain, which was famous before the pandemic for memorable events such as at the Polish Aviation Museum and J. Słowacki.

This place has always been unusual places and it will not be any different this time, because the organizers will turn the lobby of TAURON Arena Krakow into a nightclub. This space in front of the hall will be filled not only with a great sound system, but also with powerful visual settings.

The star of the evening will be Biggie Veira from GusGus, a beloved band in Poland. It draws heavily from house, techno, trip hop, and even jazz, while maintaining the distinct element of Scandinavian blues. Icelandic music fits perfectly with the fall solstice and the group recently released a great album called “Mobile Home,” so now is the time for that event.

will lead:

GusGus (DJ group)

Seb and Rodriguez


event name: This. w place. GusGus (DJ group)

data: September 25, Saturday, starts at 22

place: TAURON Arena Kraków (foyer),

the tickets:

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