Leo Messi in the Argentina national team match

Will Leo Messi be the hero of an unexpected transfer? After the player spent a rather unsuccessful season with Paris Saint-Germain, it seemed that he was on the cusp of a return to Barcelona. According to journalist Alex Kandel, a completely different scenario will be implemented and the player will soon leave for the Inter Miami team, which plays in the American Football Mayor League.

Leo Messi makes an unexpected move? According to journalist Alex Kandala, the Argentine will not return to FC Barcelona and is betting on something completely different. According to the information, Kandala Messi is about to buy 35% of Inter Miami, owned by David Beckham. Owning stock is not the only thing that should tie a footballer to an MLS club. He will play there in a year!

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Leo Messi plays in MLS? Incredible conversion reports

Although Messi’s move to PSG was a bad idea for the Argentine himself, who failed at the club from the Stade de Princes, it is likely that he will play for PSG until the end of his contract, which expires in June. 2023. According to journalist Alex Kandel, the legendary Blaugrana striker may choose a path for the United States, which is Inter Miami. The footballer buys 35% of the shares in a club owned by David Beckham and there he will continue his football career. Admittedly, such a move by Messi would be a real sensation.

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To find out how Leo Messi was introduced as a footballer at Paris Saint-Germain, please go to the gallery below.

Messi is not the only famous footballer who wants to play for Beckham. Neymar also enters into this covenant

If Messi decides to leave Inter Miami, he will likely meet his Paris Saint-Germain colleague Neymar there. The Brazilian already a few years ago expressed his willingness to join the project, which already brings together football players known by their performances in Europe. The squad includes Gonzalo Higuain, known for his appearances with Real Madrid and Napoli, as well as former Juventus and France player Blaise Matuidi.